The Importance of Savoring Your Achievements

The daily ritual I want to discuss today is the importance of savoring your achievements. This is critical to your current satisfaction and to being able to seek greater goals in the future.

The importance of savoring your achievements

Each time you accomplish something, even the smallest task, your brain secrets a little dopamine (a pleasure neurotransmitter) into your consciousness.

The release of dopamine causes you to feel more motivated and if you deliberately take a moment to appreciate each tiny goal you’ve achieved throughout the day, you’ll train your brain to seek even greater goals and rewards.

Sadly, we don’t spend much time savoring the good things that happen in our lives. The brain doesn’t give as much weight to happiness and pleasure. We have placed the greatest value on memories that would protect us from danger. As a result, we end up with a brain-full of bad memories!

What to do?

Throughout the day – ideally, once every hour – write down every tiny goal you accomplish. Regularly look at your list and “savor” each of your accomplishments.

These “pleasure” rewards stimulate the motivation center (the nucleus accumbens) in your brain and you’ll immediately feel more energy and less stress as you begin your next hour of work!

Doing this also gets rid of negativity that you are unconsciously holding in your memories. So the more you are struggling, the more it is essential to savor the present moment.

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