Assessing Your Rituals

Whether you realize it or not, you are already participating in many rituals throughout your day.  Some of these empower you like brushing your teeth in the morning. Others like snacking in front of the TV at night, not so much.

Let’s start out by assessing what you are already doing.

  • Currently, what daily rituals do you do more or less consistently?
  • Which of these rituals are empowering and move you towards your goals?
  • Which of these rituals are dis-empowering?
  • How are these rituals impacting your life?

If you see rituals that are not serving you, then stop doing them.  Quit digging a hole.

If you are interested in acquiring some new empowering rituals, this is the place for you. Over the next few months i will offer you many new rituals that will help you stay focused, motivated and on track towards achieving your goals.  Are you ready?