The Five Second Rule

Do you have trouble motivating yourself to take action?  Do you press the snooze button? Do you have trouble starting that big project? Do you fail to strike up a conversation with that attractive single across the room?  If these ring true, the Five Second Rule is for you.

It may sound ridiculous, and perhaps simplistic, but Mel Robbins “Five Second Rule” is the answer. It’s a simple mental “hack” that will enable you to take action.

Your brain wants to keep you safe. That is its primary function. As a result, the brain places much of your life on auto-pilot, following habits that your brain has created to keep you safe and stuck in your comfort zone.

To overcome this auto-pilot, you have approximately five seconds in which to take action. After that, your auto pilot kicks in. If you can take action within that short period, you disrupt the habit loop that is running and are able to take action.

Using the Five Second Rule, you regain the choice to go from auto-pilot to decision-maker in your life. Are you up for taking control?  Five, Four, Three, Two, One … GO!

Listen as Mel Robbins explains the the Five Second Rule in this extraordinary interview with Tom Bilyeau. Incorporate this hack into your life.

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