Using Gratitude To Improve Your Life

Using gratitude to improve your life? Is it possible? Yes, it’s true.

Gratitude changes your brain and it really can improve your life? Each time you pause and feel grateful, your brain changes in a number of ways: your self-esteem increases, your stress level drops, and you increase your lifespan each time you savor the little joys in life.

Stop right now, take a moment and savor the Earth. Breathe in the beauty of the sky. Feel the softness of the ground beneath your feet. And listen to all the sounds that fill this wonderful world – birdsongs, heartbeats, a child’s laughter – as you bring more serenity into your life. That is the power of gratitude, one of the most powerful ways to strengthen the social-awareness circuits in your brain!

What are you grateful for? Your health? Friends? Freedom? Loved ones? How about the planet on which you live?

Savor the feeling.


Write down 3 things you feel grateful for at the end of the day (yes, you have to write it down to get the full neural benefits!). Do it for 7 days and the research shows your self-esteem will continue to INCREASE FOR 3 MONTHS.

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